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  • A product that DELIVERS!

    The REME-HALO has tremendously helped nullify or reduce dramatically pet

    and kitchen odors. However, I bought the unit for relief from allergy

    symptoms and the REME has been extraordinary on that front,

    too. I’ll buy another, in the future, I’m 100% sure. A product that DELIVERS!

    --KJ Austin, TX

  • Hospital in Panama

    “I hereby inform that the air purifier systems with ultraviolet light, REME, and the purifiers for treatment

    of water with ultraviolet light, RGF, installed in the ducts of the 6th, 5th, 4th, and 3rd floors

    and the entrance of the reserve water tanks of the CHDrMAG has been very useful

    in the control of germs, viruses such as H1N1, fungi like Aspergillus, and coliforms present

    in the water and in the air.”

    “We close the year with an index of 0.7% nosocomial infections throughout the hospital. Thank

    you in advanced for your attention presented in this letter.”

    --Sincerely,Dr. H. A.(translated from Spanish)

  • A Letter to Ron

    “It’s been one year since I’ve been allergy and asthma free, thanks to your

    wonderful invention. I feel healthy again without meds or allergy shots.Many of

    my friends with allergies have also installed the REME. Also, with great results.Thank you so much.”

    -With gratitude,Jane & Tony G.

  • Minimal Illness

    “My home has a REME in it. I have experienced some great things with my unit.

    I have two small children ages 1 and 3 and thus far this year we have had minimal illnesses.

    There are many things that I can contribute to the lack of illness. However,

    the REME unit in my home I feel is primarily responsible for minimizing how sick my kids get.”

    -From Roger at Carrier West