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About Us

BGP Environmental Group is a sub-division of BGP Holdings. Incorporated in 1997 the company is a leader in commercial and home renovations.

As an environmental group we look at supplying products from all over North America that meet with our requirements. The aim is to always give the end user peace-of-mind, knowing that they are doing their little bit for the environment.

2019 was a year like every other year, that was until March of 2020 came around. A pandemic struck the globe. The founding partners of BGP started discussing ideas as to how it could help give peace-of-mind to initially family and friends.

Through much research and with the discovery of RGF Environmental Groups products it led to forming the foundation of BGP. “We have noticed a need for clean air and water in all environments from commercial office buildings to our homes and everything in between. The products we now offer will do this 99% plus,” said vice president Brent Poole in a recent interview.

BGP Environmental’s goal is to place these offerings in every establishment in Manitoba and beyond. The challenge we face is getting the word out, its all about the marketing. The solution is drive awareness and safety ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to feel safe and comfortable.

  • We pride ourselves in providing superior quality air throughout the home and or office ENVIRONMENT that: helps protect our CLIENTS, CUSTOMERS, EMPLOYEES and their family and friends.

  • Our EMPLOYEES are proud of our investment in our clients, and the INVESTMENT we place in our customer’s HEALTH and well-being.